WTF is this?!

Okay… first of all my name is Kurt Farrugia (a.k.a. Kovit) a project manager from the island of Malta.  I have only been a software project manager for the past year and worked as a developer for over 4 years.  I obtained my degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Malta.  I then joined Ascent Software, a prominent company on the island, and never looked back since.


I joined Ascent back when I was still a student and gained my professional experience within this company.  I started out as a junior software developer and worked myself up to a project leader.  I currently work with a number of distinguished clients, of course helping me out, I have a team of around 7 skilled developers ranging from junior developers to senior software developers.  Needless to say that the ideas in this blog are my own and are completely unrelated to Ascent Software.

When it comes to technology I’m a big fan of ASP.NET and test driven development however I have spent a fair share of my professional career leading SharePoint projects.  I’m a big fan of the agile methodology and the scrum approach.

I’m an ambitious person who is always trying to push the limits. I believe that 

“The sky is not the limit”

there is the edge of the universe and probably even more, the possibilities are limitless.

As I explained in my first post, throughout this blog you will find any ideas or thoughts currently going through my mind.  I hope that these ideas will help you solve some of your daily problems, and that you enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoy writing them.  Looking forward to your suggestions and ideas.